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Graphic Design

Brand Design

Do you want your brand design that leaves a long-lasting impact? Get your brand designs done by iDigiNxt.

We love leaving an impact with our designs. We would love to do the same for you.

Social Media Graphics

Trust us, or trust any of the research you can find on the internet, images increase engagement. Whether the purpose is branding or marketing, your audience will engage more if have the right image telling your story.

Trigger the right emotion and get more engagement. Try iDigiNxt graphic designing services.

Collateral Design

Hey! You can now stop admiring the templates available online for your visiting cards, letterheads, or any other collateral design. Every time you try to modify it for you, it turns out to be a disaster. 

Get admired by others. Get it custom-designed by iDigiNxt.

Content Creation

Social Media Content

The content on social media needs to be short, easy to read and at the same time should be able to connect with the audience.

If you need someone who is already trained to write your social media content, contact iDigiNxt.

Social media content 101, have a punchline, main context and a must have end-line.

Blog & Articles

Here is a tip to keep your blogs and articles interesting for your readers. What you can do is start with an interesting story or quote, then introduce your topic. Move forward by creating a relation with the topic. When it comes to writing the ending, it would differ according to the purpose of writing the blog.

If you just want someone to write it for you, Contact iDigiNxt.

Website Content

Imagine your customer as a kid, and they are on your website to learn about your product. So, they need to know the ABCD of your product first and then apple, ball, cat, etc. Not the opposite way. That’s a way of explaining the flow of information that should be on the website.

Feel free to contact iDigiNxt if you need website content.

UI &UX Design

Website Design

What differentiates a great website from a good one is a proper UI Design. Are you looking for something that can make your website great? iDigiNxt UI designing services is here for you.

Application Settings

Mobile application

While creating a mobile app design, 3 aspects should be kept in mind i.e., market, user, and product. Mobile app design should have great usability, should give a unique value to the customer, have a good performance, and most importantly, accessibility. A well thought- out UI & UX plays a vital part to get all of the above. iDigiNxt is here to create a mobile app design with UI & UX for you.

Web Application

No matter how good the web app looks, it wouldn’t be any good if it doesn’t serves the purpose. For that, every detail must be well categorized according to the UX.

If you need someone to build your web app according to UX, contact iDigiNxt. 

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Some questions you might need answered

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We do not give free content, graphics, or UI design. If you want to see the quality of our work, we can show some of our previous work to you.

The prices vary on the project. Each project is different. It depends on many factors such as the industry type, what they need, how much research it requires, etc. So we prefer to provide personalized quotes for every prospect.

Once something is finalized, any changes attract charges. Even a small change requires readjusting the whole concept around that change. And usually major chagnes require the same time frame as needed for fresh work. Time is Money.

If the piece is attributed to us, you can’t make changes to it. However, as you own the content or graphics once delivered, you can make those chagnes on your own but they won’t be attributed to us.